Friday, December 19, 2014

December Favorites

Hi everyone...

I did a festive favorites a while back so I wanted to do a not so festive favorites!

These are a few of my favorites!


I have been enjoying Middle Of Starting Over by Sabrina Carpenter from Girl Meets World.
I have also been enjoying Love me Harder by Ariana Grande.


The concealer I use is Tea Tree And Witch Hazel Concealer.
My favorite lip balm is definately baby lips.


I have really been into jumpers lately as it is getting colder. I like the jumpers in New Look. I especially like this jumper. Click on the like to veiw.


I have been enjoying Girl Meets World.

xoxo Shadise xoxo

Thank You

Hello Everyone...

Today I have been reflecting what an amazing year I've had and my favorite was creating this blog. 

I started back in Febuary thinking that this could be a cool hobby but I never knew I would get thousands of views and people messaging me saying how much they enjoy reading this blog. 

I just want to say THANK YOU! 

xoxo Shadise xoxo

New Years Resolutions

Hi everyone,

Todays post is a special one that I can only do once a year. 

Its on New Years Resolutions!

New year is just around the corner so I have decided to post this now. 


-To try and get fit 

- To diet (Not too much as I am too young for dieting) 

- To be helpful around the house

- To work harder at school

- To be nicer to those around me

- To blog everyday! (I hope I manage that one)

Please message me your resoloutions as I would love to hear them! 

xoxo Shadise xoxo

New Look Party Wear

Hi everybody...

I feel bad that I haven't done many fashion post recently so today I've decided that I will do one. 

New Look have a new collection of party wear that you all will love!I will show you some of my favorites. 

These photos were all taken from the New Look website

Black Split Back Necklace Trim Shell Top  | New Look  Blue Zip Pocket Wrap Skort  | New Look 
Black and Gold Sparkle Box Clutch  | New Look  Navy Sequin High Neck Bodycon Mini Dress  | New Look
Shell Pink Prism Box Clutch  | New Look  Black Leather Pointed Metal Trim Ankle Strap Heels  | New Look
Black Triangle Pendant Velvet Choker  | New Look  Black Diamond Embellished Shorts  | New Look

I hope you enjoyed! 

xoxo Shadise xoxo

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Love it

Love it

Long sleeve top

Crochet lace shorts

Adidas sneaker

Motel zip bag
$63 -

Clumsy me !


Today something really funny and crazy just happened to me. 

I dropped my IPod in tomato ketchup! 

I ran to my mum who cleaned the speakers out with tissue and cotton buds! 

:p LOL

xoxo Shadise xoxo 

Cozy and Cute Jumpers

Hi everyone,

Todays post is on fashion as promised. 

 I wanted to do something like this because my post have been slightly different lately but alot of you liked that difference. 

I had loads of messages telling me how much you enjoyed reading post the post I did on Insecurities. I will do more stuff like that soon! 

Today I want to show you all some ways to add some sparkle to your Christmas.

These are a few jumpers to keep you looking great at Christmas.

 These will keep you cozy and stylish at the same time!

Nude Cowl Neck Crop Jumper  Soft Touch Black TunicCream Eyelash Crop Jumper

Burgundy Soft Touch Tunic Geo Pattern Eyelash JumperMono Twist Cowl Neck Jumper

This is a link to Select-fashion website to a sale. All of these jumpers shown are in the sale and the photos are taken straight from the website in the link above. 

I don't think that these jumpers will apeal to everyone but in my opinion with the right acssessories and a cute skirt or jeans they can look great. 

Hope you enjoyed!

xoxo Shadise xoxo 

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Contact Me

Hi everyone,
Today I want to ask you what you want to see on Totally Chic. Please comment your ideas.
I will try and do a nail art tutorial next weeks and a what's in my bag video.
xoxo Shadise xoxo

Tips on Healthy Eating!

Today I am doing a post following yesterdays post on insecurities. One insecurity that I have is that I think I am fat and sometimes it bothers me. I tried to go on a full on diet but I realised that I am too young to diet properly so I came up with these ideas.

Tip One
Replace sweets with fruit!

Tip Two
Insted of drinking fizzy drinks try sparkling flavoured water insted!

I try to use these types every day!

I hope this helps you xoxo

xoxo Shadise xoxo

Monday, December 15, 2014


Today I am doing something a bit different.

I have flaws!
I am a crybaby. Sometimes if I'm upset I will just lay down and cry! But its ok to have flaws. They make us special! No body is perfect!

I've been called fat before and at first I was really hurt but now I couldn't care less what some people think.

If someone ever tried to insult you and call you ugly or fat ignore them. Bullies are just people who have nothing better to do than insult people. If you let them upset you then they have won. Don't let them win.

I have recently been worrying about my weight. I'm not gonna lie to you and say that my life is perfect and that I look like a supermodel because that's not true.

I did this post because I feel like everyone worries too much about what other people think. I hope this helped you. If it helps at least one of you then I feel like I've achieved my dream. That's why I started this blog because I want to help other people whether its fashion advice or life tips I just want this to benefit you.

xoxo Shadise xoxo
Ps if you found this blog post weird and would rather see fashion stuff don't worry I will do a fashion post tomorrow. :P