Saturday, January 24, 2015

How to start a blog!!!

Hello everyone,
Today I am going to talk about how to start a blog! A lot  of you have been asking me how to start a blog so I thought I would do a post on it! 

It's really simple! 

Go onto First choose a name then make sure to have a Google account. You choose a template and then your ready to start blogging!

It's really easy!!!

xoxo Shadise xoxo

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Shadise Eats #1

Today's title may bewilder you so let me explain it word by word. 

For those of you who don't know my name is Shadise. This segment is going to be in what I eat. Places I eat at and so on... I names it Shadise eats instead ofTotallychic eats because you all know my name now! :-p

This segment will be uploaded any time that I eat out or have a great meal! I will be posting one from a while back today as I really want to show you this one!!!

I know it's late to post this but this is my Cheiatmas dinner!!! There is Yorkshire puddings,turkey ,piggies in blankets (sausages in bacon) , potatoes and gravy! And for dessert a chocolate log! 

xoxo Shadise xoxo

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Story by Totally Chic

Hello, it's me Shadise! 

Today I have written a story for my homework but I wanted to show you as I promised you a story a long time ago. 

The theme was a ghost story!

Hope you enjoy!!!

Ghost story 

I wake up startled.  "There is no such thing as ghosts" I find myself chanting. My twin turns over in her bed across the room. Even in the dim light I see her raise her eyebrow at me. "Another nightmare?" She asks. I nod.  "Don't worry, they are just nightmares. They're not real," she says climbing out of her bed and walking over to her desk. I switch the lamp on as I won't be able to fall back to sleep after that nightmare. I sit cross legged on the fluffy, white rug beside my bed. My twin flopping down beside me. "If you ever want to talk I'm here you know Bethany." Jessica  says.  "Thanks," I reply. These nightmare have been happening every night now since last week. Luckily it's a Saturday because I am exhausted and I wouldn't be able to go to school without falling asleep.  Jessica brings over her notebook and pen and we sit doodling hearts and stars and smily faces.  I can't get the dream out of my head though. I picture it. There is a ghost threatening to haunt me. The scariest thing about it that I haven't told my sister is the part when the ghost shows me my sister being possessed. It scares me. My sister taps my shoulder and I realise that I have scribbled all over the page while I was dreaming. "Sorry," I say shrugging sympathetically.  

Later at breakfast my sister is staring at me strangely. I remember the first part of the dream where she started acting strange. She stared at me weirdly and then her eyes turn red.  Then she started dressing differently and being rude. I don't allow myself to look at her eyes in case they are red even thought I know I an being ridiculous. "Hey Beth do you wanna go window shopping today?" Jessica asks. "No thanks I have a lot of homework to do." I reply afraid to say yes. "Please?" "Fine," I say afraid. 

Three hours later I am standing outside of PRIMARK with Jessica. Her purse empty carrying a crazy amount of shopping bags. "What did you buy?" I ask. "I have a new style now look for yourself." Inside the bag lays a black jumper, a black pair of jeans and a choker necklace. "Wow this is different to what you usually wear" I say. " Yeah I just really like these." She tells me. 
I am creeped out now as one thing that happened when she was possessed was she started dressing weird. 

At home Jessica tries on her new clothes. I spin around in my new light blue dress. Jessica looks creepy! Like my dream! I tell her that I am heading downstairs and she nods. 

My mum is tidying up when I get downstairs. "Mum help!" I cry rushing into her arms. "What?" My mum asks. " Jessica is... I had a dream-a nightmare about her being possessed and it's like it's happening" I cry. My mum giggles. " you had me worried there for moment" she laughs. "Mum I'm not joking look for yourself. 

I walk into my room cautiously. "Jessica" mum says. Jessica is standing there red eyes gleaming and a ghost appears behind me! I scream! "MUM!" I call out but there's no reply. "Where am I?" I think looking Round at the dark room. I reach in my back pocket for my phone and turn it on letting it light the room. I front of me stands the possessed Jessica from my dreams. " Jessica" I say tears in my eyes. " silence!" She shouts at me. Her voice is different! Very different! Jessica walks out of the darkness and closer to me. I didn't know what to do but I remembered something I saw in a movie once. To stop the person from being possessed you say "Stay! Speak! I charge thee speak!" I scream it out and watch as my sister falls to the floor. I crouch down to see her. It worked! Her eyes are blue again! "Jessica are you ok?" I ask sympathetically "Yeah I think so. What happened? What am I wearing? Why does my throat  hurt?" "I'm glad to have you back." I say. She looks puzzled but smiles. I watch as a red mist evaporates my sister and flys towards the ceiling. "You may have won this time but watch out!" It says angrily but it doesn't bother me at all. The ghost leaves the room and I begin to explain to Jessica what happened. "Wow all that! Most exciting weekend ever right?" She laughs. 

A New Hobby


Sorry for not posting yesterday!

Today's post is on my new hobby!!!


I am learning All of Me by John Legend.
I know right a big song! 

Wish me luck 

xoxo Shadise xoxo